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    iLium eWallet v.
    23.09.2010, 22:16

    Your Important Info – Secure & Convenient in a Digital Wallet

    * Store Your Information Securely - Using government-level (FIPS) 256-bit AES encryption, eWallet protects your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.
    * Never Forget Another Password - eWallet remembers your passwords so you don't have to. Create strong passwords for online banking and more - stop choosing weak passwords just so you won't forget!
    * Use Your Data Anywhere - Sync your wallets with multiple devices or PCs to keep your info current everywhere. Or sign up for a chance to join the eWallet Web Companion beta for online access anytime!
    * Surf the Web Safely - Protect yourself from keyloggers, malware, and other threats to your identity with eWallet's built-in tools for entering passwords and filling in web forms.
    * Personalize Your Wallet - Create the look you want with custom icons, card backgrounds, and over 30 pre-built card templates. Or save your own templates to get the design you need.

    Changelog 7.1:
    For Windows PC:
    * Use AutoPass with Firefox: eWallet's AutoPass feature now enters usernames and passwords for you in Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer.
    * Enjoy a great new look: eWallet for Windows has a brand-new interface, making it easier than ever to work with your info. And if the new look just isn't for you - choose the Classic Style to use eWallet the way you remember it!
    * Give eWallet some personal touches: personalize eWallet with a selection of styles, color schemes, and background options for a one-of-a-kind look.
    * Open your most used cards fast: the new Recent Card list shows you which cards you've just had open, so you can switch back to them quickly.
    * Keep eWallet ready when you need it: leave the program running when your wallet locks on security timeout - no waiting for eWallet to load the next time you need to open a wallet.
    * Get quick tips as you work: new ToolTips offer pointers and teach you how to use eWallet's options, so you can learn more as you go.
    * Choose one style for all your cards: set global properties for your cards like the gradient background color, card borders, showing the icon or the hidden fields, and more.
    * Read your info quickly: optional shading for alternate rows makes it easier to see each card item when you're working in Flex View.
    * Find help fast if you need it: eWallet's Help Center links you right to our email support, online knowledgebase, step-by-step tutorials and full eWallet documentation.
    * Work on Windows 7: eWallet is fully compatible with the new Windows 7 OS, as well as Windows Vista and XP.
    * Enjoy many other new features: eWallet 7.0 also has improved remote sync options, updated printing (including print preview), a customizable Quick Access toolbar, faster search that displays results as you type - there are too many updates to list!

    For Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone:
    * Keep your graphics when you sync: design a great wallet on your desktop - create custom background images, scan copies of your real cards - and when you sync with a Windows Mobile device or iPhone, your customizations sync too!
    * Take important files with you: files you've attached in the Windows version can be synced to your Windows Mobile device or iPhone, so you can keep them secure and take them anywhere you go.
    * Sync with ease: BlackBerry users get full sync support built into eWallet on the desktop.
    * Move quickly through your cards: Windows Mobile 6.5 touchscreen users can easily flip from card to card by simply swiping across the screen.

    Requirements: WM5-6.5, SP, Windows XP/Vista/7
    Download Instructions: no serial needed + serial
    eWallet v. PPC/SP Download file from depositfiles
    eWallet v. PPC/SP Download file from filesonic
    eWallet v. PPC/SP Download file from uploading

    eWallet v. PC Download file from depositfiles
    eWallet v. PC Download file from filesonic
    eWallet v. PC Download file from uploaded
    eWallet v. PC Download file from uploading

    The previous versions

    Category: Security | Added by: Dasai
    Views: 9376 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 4
    Total comments: 4
    3 S_Man  
    A ha....your home is here? WOW how do you get the serial Dasai? Be honest to your supporters. Maybe they will donate you more web money.

    4 Dani  
    he's cracking it. Thanks Dasai.

    1 Simias  
    Hi Dasai,
    I'm sorry but none of the upload links allow me to d/l any of your files. They keep saying my country has exceeded the d/l limit?...whatever that means. Can you post them in your messages please?

    2 Dasai  
    how about direct link from this site? "eWallet v. Download from server"

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