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    MobilityFlow Touch Weather Pro v.
    03.09.2010, 01:42

    Touch Weather - animated weather forecast for Windows mobile Pocket PC PDA Smartphones

    Weather Forecast Has Never Been So Realistic !
    Touch Weather Free/Pro – a finger-oriented full-screen weather forecast tool for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, PPCs, smartphones, PDAs). The exquisitely realistic video effects of snow, rain and cloudiness provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world, and the reliability of the forecast is ensured by several weather aggregators. Touch Weather is available in Free and Pro versions.

    • Animated daily weather forecast;
    • Video effects that are on a par with HTC Sense.
    • Global weather;
    • 50000+ locations worldwide;
    • Several weather aggregators and forecast reliability rating.
    • Weekly and monthly weather forecast;
    • Detailed daily forecast (morning, afternoon, evening, night).

    Requirements: WM5-6.5, .NET CF 2.0
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    Touch Weather Pro v. Download file from depositfiles
    Touch Weather Pro v. Download file from filesonic
    Touch Weather Pro v. Download file from uploading
    Touch Weather Pro v. Download file from uploaded

    The previous versions

    Category: Weather | Added by: Dasai
    Views: 12608 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 34
    Total comments: 34
    34 pfg   [Entry]
    Auto Update not working.

    33 pfg   [Entry]
    Auto Update not working.

    32 pfg   [Entry]
    v. on HTC HD2 working properly.
    Thanx Dasai.

    30 pfg   [Entry]
    On HTC HD2 not working v.

    31 lewrydiboys   [Entry]
    Try again. Try reset your device.In my HD2 works fine.

    29 dare666   [Entry]
    YES! Thks Dasai

    28 LeSScro   [Entry]
    Tx again Dasai ! you follow the best applications...

    27 okki   [Entry]
    the new version "no serial needed" work perfectly.
    Great Dasai
    thank you

    25 Third_Eye   [Entry]
    Thanks Dasai
    I also facing the same problem, use the crack.exe but
    application still showing evaluation version (13 day(s))
    have tried all the said method .
    Wondering if you can make the application "no serial needed"
    whatever it is ..........
    Thanks for all your wonderful WORK!
    My window mobile is deeply indebted to you!

    26 lewrydiboys   [Entry]
    Use crack.Then, close it by Task manager or reset your device. Now you can lunch the application. biggrin

    24 sprtho   [Entry]
    i would like to use it inGreece on my HTC Touch HD but i cant add Athens as my city.What can i do can you help me please?? cry

    21 Fidalgos   [Entry]
    HI Dasai smile

    I follow your instructions on post 19 (>post 13,14) but I continue with problems like JackD ask in post 18 and I see also JackD have success in post 20 but... I continue see 15 days to try when I run Touch Weather... I run the crack.exe and follow the steps 13,14 and input the serial 1111-2222-3333 and register... show me OK (registered) So... I don't understand why?!

    Is possible to you make a 'no serial needed'? smile

    22 JackD   [Entry]
    try to uninstall and run it again

    23 Fidalgos   [Entry]
    Is what I do... and I remove also all entries in registry and folder and sub-folders in Storage Card>Touch Weather... then I soft-reset and I make a new install but is the same result sad no way, eheheh! I don't have this time 'chance' So... I go wait for another way to have this app registered sad

    18 JackD   [Entry]
    Any possibility to fill in serial. When I run crack.exe, everything blocks and I have to restart sw. It works perfectly if I run standard sw icon. But 15 days remaining...... how can I continue to use it, for ever?

    19 Dasai   [Entry]
    read 13 & 14 comments

    20 JackD   [Entry]
    thanks, it works!

    17 lewrydiboys   [Entry]
    Man, they update this app every day, hum? You are very quick updating too. Nice job!!

    16 lewrydiboys   [Entry]
    Very useful. Better than manila default. Works fine in Brazil. biggrin

    15 LeSScro   [Entry]
    Thx again dude !

    13 okki   [Entry]
    when i run "crack.exe" in my device, the application don't star.

    14 Dasai   [Entry]
    try tap&hold on main screen, next choose select city, tab -> enter key

    12 okki   [Entry]
    im trying the new version in multi language, in italian, it is more stable.
    15-day trial

    10 fariborz   [Entry]
    quote from Info file:
    for registration run "crack.exe" (\Program Files\Touch Weather) use any code, for example 1111-2222-3333
    Switched off the update on "New Version Register"
    done! enjoy!
    Cracked by Dasai (CBD)

    also you can download it from my site (

    hi could you please tell me where I can find the crack.exe file, according to your above invitation in the info file.
    so I come to your site and registered my self but cant find the crack.exe

    11 Dasai   [Entry]
    run "crack.exe" (\Program Files\Touch Weather) on your device

    9 okki   [Entry]
    i have some problem, with new version i can't add any city.

    8 LeSScro   [Entry]
    last few days... lot of update... i love new integration feature... a must have...

    7 LeSScro   [Entry]
    Waow... support Multilanguage NOW... thx Dasai !

    6 dare666   [Entry]
    The latest version support US cities in English...Dasai...please crack it

    5 zxhwk   [Entry]
    program is useless in the us there isnt any servers listed to be able to add us cities
    and only russian charciters are reconized.

    4 LeSScro   [Entry]
    Go to
    open new tab to translate in your language other in english...

    follow Country & your city...
    install on PPC fingerkeyboard... support multilanguage...
    then write your city in Russian language like

    Enjoy !

    3 Aung Kyaw Soe   [Entry]
    I can't add my city.. My city is Yangon .. and my phone is O2 Xda Atom Life with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

    2 mike   [Entry]
    is there a wqvga version? or this only works for russian? cant make it find any city, using omnia i900.

    how can i add Santa Maria from Brazil?

    1 LeSScro   [Entry]
    Damn !!! Dasai... do you want a beer or sometj=hing like this...
    Awesome !
    I try it Now...

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