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    Wizcode Defragment Mobile v.1.07.015
    11.02.2010, 00:17

    Maximize performance and reliability with the most powerful defragmentation utility for Windows Mobile on the market – automatically!

    Is your mobile device becoming more sluggish as you install more applications and store more data on your storage cards? Does it take forever to start up and run programs? Your invisible enemy is called "file system fragmentation". It is the number one cause for slow file system performance and the major rival of successful data recovery.

    Enter Wizcode Defragment Mobile - the world's most efficient and powerful Windows Mobile storage card defragmenter and file system optimizer now featuring Wizcode's FlashBoost® flash memory optimization technology and Wizcode's DirBoost® folder sorting.

    Use Wizcode Defragment to:

    * Keep your storage card data free of fragmentation
    * Increase the performance and reliability of your storage cards
    * Optimize your file system appication-wide
    * Reclaim unused RAM from applications and increase free memory

    Extremely easy to use

    The powerful, high performance defragmenter will analyze your storage cards and will remove file system fragmentation with a few clicks of your styles. Install the defragmenter, select the storage devices to defragment and wait for the the defragmenter to do its job.
    Defragment Mobile - very fast and efficient

    Exceptionally efficient defragmentation

    Being the industry leader in Windows Mobile defragmentation software Wizcode's Defragment Mobile has the world’s fastest and most reliable defragmenting engine. It has been designed specifically to work on flash media and incorporates features to speed up the defragmentation process like the built in caches and a single pass defragmenting algorithm.
    Defragment Mobile - specially designed for storage cards

    Optimize storage card performance

    Wizcode Defragment Mobile doesn’t just use simple defragmentation. It also streamlines your file system, reorders directory entries alphabetcially (DirBoost®) and performs specific storage card optimizations like the flash media block alignment FlashBoost® feature, enabling your mobile device to run at top speed with the most stability.
    Defragment Mobile - safe and reliable with built-in error checking

    Data safety and reliability guaranteed

    Wizcode Defragment Mobile uses industry standard code to move data and does not damage any files on your storage card. Each fragmented file chain is first copied to a new place and only then the folder entries are updated and the old chain is discared ensuring 100% safe fragmentation. Besides, Defragment Mobile contains Wizcode's proprietary ScanDisk disk error checking intergated code that runs before the defragmenter and guarantees the file system is healthy and therefore safe to defragment. Unlike other "automated" defragmenters, Wizcode Defragment does not constantly perform analysis and defragment, which shortens the life of your flash cards.
    Defragment Mobile - automatic or schedule defragmentation

    Scheduled defragmentation on device reboot

    Defragment Mobile can be configured to automatically run and defragment all installed storage devices when the device is rebooted before other applications are loaded. In addition, the application supports command line parameters allowing scheduling a defragmentation with scripts or 3rd party tools.
    Defragment Mobile - Defragment RAM, reclaim memory, increase RAM

    RAM defragment feature

    Although this feature is not diretcly related to file system fragmentation it is very useful especially on a mobile device because it reclaims unused and fragmented RAM memory from applications not using it and increase the RAM available to the system as a whole. This feature is so frequently used by our customers that we've added single click RAM defragmentation icon in the programs files folder that will automatically defragment RAM memory when the icon is clicked.

    Requirements: WM2003-6.5, SP, QVGA, VGA, WVGA, WQVGA, SQUARE
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    Defragment v.1.07.015 PPC Download file from depositfiles
    Defragment v.1.07.015 SP Download file from depositfiles
    Defragment v.1.07.015 PPC Download file from sharingmatrix
    Defragment v.1.07.015 SP Download file from sharingmatrix
    Defragment v.1.07.015 PPC Download file from uploading
    Defragment v.1.07.015 SP Download file from uploading
    Defragment v.1.07.015 PPC Download file from uploaded
    Defragment v.1.07.015 SP Download file from uploaded
    Defragment v.1.07.015 PPC Download file from rapidshare
    Defragment v.1.07.015 SP Download file from rapidshare

    Available for users only

    The previous versions

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