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    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta
    12.03.2010, 22:12

    Manages your contacts in a fast and pleasant way.

    Contact Manager is a fully touch-optimized program offering superior tools in order to manage your contacts, calls and text messages. Since its official release the application has gained strong attention and now many users find it to be the right contact managing tool they were looking for.

    The application allows users to easily navigate, search quickly using letter navigation, view text message conversations in a chat-like view and much more to make phone calls and sending text messages a fun and easy activity.

    Facebook integration enables you to stay in touch with all of your Facebook friends. No other contact manager on today’s Windows Mobile market can provide such complex information about each phone contact.

    Manage your contacts, calls & SMS in a fast and pleasant way

    Resco Contact Manager is fully touch-optimized while offering superior tools in order to manage one’s contacts. The application allows you to easily navigate, search quickly by letter navigation, view text message conversations in a chat-like view and much more.

    Touch Optimized Interface & easy navigation
    Forget about your touch pen. Resco Contact manager is fully touch-optimized.
    Big buttons in combination with touch scrolling and letter navigation offer easy and fast way to handle all the program features using just one finger.
    Photos assigned to contacts serve for better orientation.

    Facebook Integration
    This feature keeps you in touch with all of your Facebook friends.
    You can easily download a list of your friends on Facebook and get all available information such as addresses, phone numbers, photos, and many more straight to your phone. You also get the ability to send messages straight to Facebook, manage Facebook inbox, or reply to message threads.
    Complete article about this feature, its add-ons and simple hints can be found here.

    Today Plugin
    This feature simplifies your daily cell phone use.
    Totally customizable Today plug-in allows you to determine components of the plug-in yourself. The eventual size of the plug-in, therefore, depends only on your choices.
    What can I get to my Today plug-in?

    * Shortcuts for Contact Manager (favorites, call registry …)
    * Phone tools (phone profiles, keyboard lock, calculator…)
    * Wireless tools (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi ...)
    * Documents (images, text documents...)
    * Applications
    * Single Contacts

    All you need then is just one finger touch to control or get to all of these items.

    Phone Profiles
    Long time requested changing of phone profiles is now available from Today plug-in. Choose among the default ones (Normal, Silent, Meeting, Loud, Decline) or customize your own profiles defining the ring tone, ring mode, volume of ringing & system volume.
    Scheduled Profiles offer you to set the time intervals (specific days in week, hours, minutes) when certain profiles are to be activated or deactivated.

    Quick search using Keypad
    For those who are not identified with touch scrolling program offers fully functional and easy to use Keypad.
    The keypad uses intelligent searching, i.e. last dialed numbers are preferred (displayed first), and other numbers follow in alphabetic order.

    Keypad Hot Key:

    * One Button on Keypad is reserved for a hot key.
    * Pushing it allows you to send an SMS to a predefined recipient, or to make a call to your best friend or ICE.
    * Set it in Contacts > Options > Keypad.

    Mark those who you call regularly as favorites.
    This feature becomes very handy if you have hundred contacts or more.

    SMS Chat and Call History
    Resco Contact Manager: SMS Chat and Call History
    Do you find searching for a certain SMS time consuming?
    Message Chat shows you the history of all SMS between you and your friend in a way you’ll like it. Few finger scrolls get you to the message you need.
    Call history uses the same principle.

    Statistics keep you in touch with necessary information about missed calls and the length or number of incoming/outgoing calls. SMS statistics are present as well.

    Assign photo to a contact
    Extremely easy. Click on a contact photo, click on capture, capture an image, edit the image the way you want it to have and confirm. Photos can be browsed from a directory as well.
    Another way of getting number of contact photos is via Facebook integration. Get more info here.
    Face view in contacts dialog offers truly nice interface. Just try yourself!

    Locate Address on Map
    Any contact address can be easily located on a map. Click on the address in contact details and the option “Locate on Map” appears.
    The tool uses Google Maps application to find and display the address. If the application’s not present, online Google Maps will be used instead.

    SMS and Contacts Export
    Do you have important information in your text messages to process?
    Export them in csv or xml file for further work. Contacts export is supported too.

    Send a Contact
    Share contacts with your friends using bluetooth or SMS. Few finger clicks are enough.

    New Features in Version 2.05:
    * Improved Log in Process to Facebook
    The new process will be more effective and flexible to changes made by the Facebook developers.
    * Online Facebook Service Update
    The program checks the available updates each time you log in to Facebook. Any changes regarding the Facebook features (Facebook contacts, messaging, etc...) will be automatically integrated without the need to reinstall the program again.
    * Korean SMS Support
    The application can now display the Korean SMS.

    Requirements: WM5-6.x
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta ENG Download file from depositfiles
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta RUS Download file from depositfiles
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta ENG Download file from uploading
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta RUS Download file from uploading
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta ENG Download file from sharingmatrix
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta RUS Download file from sharingmatrix
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta ENG Download file from uploaded
    Resco Contact Manager v.2.05 beta RUS Download file from uploaded

    The previous versions

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