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    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2
    07.01.2010, 23:16

    The Iconsoft Phone Extension or PhonEx is a new generation program implementing a new type of user interface for managing the main functions of a telephone, built on the basis of the Iconsoft Mobile Engine. PhonEx opens up new possibilities for easy interaction using simple touch, without the stylus, while retaining all the capabilities of a Windows Mobile palmtop computer.

    Features include:
    * Convenient and intuitive interface
    * Interaction using simple touch (without stylus)
    * Today plug-in
    * Address book
    * Photo contacts (including SIM contacts)
    * Individual tune for calls (including SIM contacts)
    * Expanded call history for each contact
    * Image library
    * Favorites group
    * Full-screen incoming call
    * Full-screen Dialer
    * New and easy Phonepad
    * Convenient contact search
    * Personalization
    * Broad options capability
    * and much more!

    Version 2.2 (Dec 09, 2009):
    # New Dialer look with background settings (category image used)
    # New autolock look for Incoming Call window (optional PhonEx v1, PhonEx v2)
    # Contact name filled in per number in incoming SMS
    # Photo preview in contact details
    # Dialer lock/unlock using central hard button
    # Screen lighting control during conversation (On, Off, Use WM settings)
    # Favorite contacts moved to separate category (Favorites)
    # Autohide of phone keypad (for phones with hard keyboard)
    # Fixed: Initialization of contacts
    # Fixed: Sending template SMS
    # Fixed: Proper relation of contact phone numbers with different starting digits (code)
    # Fixed: Work with hard keyboard during call with blocked Dialer
    # Fixed: Ringtone preview
    # Fixed: Accepting second incoming call

    Requirements: WM5-6.x
    Download Instructions: no serial needed latest byran's cracked version..[20100106]..fixed trial watermark's bug
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 ENG Download file from depositfiles
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 RUS Download file from depositfiles
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 ENG Download file from uploading
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 RUS Download file from uploading
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 ENG Download file from sharingmatrix
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 RUS Download file from sharingmatrix
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 ENG Download file from rapidshare
    Iconsoft PhonEx v.2.2 RUS Download file from rapidshare

    The previous versions

    Category: Phone Utilities | Added by: Dasai
    Views: 4061 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 21
    Total comments: 21
    18 Fidalgos  
    Dear @Dasai, Unfortunately now... all versions 2.2 show on the screen TRIAL and I try all. sad I return another time to v. 2.02 sad

    Can you see what you can do to make your version work full?!

    Thanks smile

    19 Dasai  
    Today I have bought this apps
    15$ = 2 licences (for me & my wife)
    This very favourable offer

    20 Fidalgos  
    Is a nice price for two licences smile So... is better buy to dont have problems with registrations biggrin

    21 Fidalgos  

    16 LeSScro  
    Nice update.. RC7 restart my phone, i hope this release is final !
    Thx Dasai !

    15 Fidalgos  
    ehehehe biggrin more one version to try biggrin I think is a final release this 2.2 so... maybe the problems is gone now!

    Thanks Dasai once more smile

    12 Fidalgos  
    No way... the problem persist in contacts details like in R3 (first run ok but a few moments freeze and don't show the contacts detail). So... I return to 2.02

    In R7 I don't see this new features:

    * NEW! Slide to unlock
    * NEW! Full-screen Dialer

    13 Dasai  
    wwe-version not stable working,
    rus-version stable

    14 Fidalgos  
    OK and thanks for the explanation. I'am now in 2.0.2 version and is stable and I don't understand the russian language:) The only things I desire to have... is when deny a call with an sms...the sms only go to outbox and stay there forever and i like to have support to video-call in Blackstone HD (I buy also the HD2 but I must wait 1 weak for... and don't have front camera so...) smile

    17 Fidalgos  
    Thanks Dasai, this 2.2 version work all OK and no problems with contact details. The only things I don't see... is the New features: Slide to unlock (where is this button?) and Full-Screen Dialer (I have on top an empty box like old versions I see the last calls) so... no full-dialler sad

    11 Fidalgos  
    Now I have it the wwe from you on Ipmart@forum smile Thanksand I hope no problems in contacts in RC3

    10 Fidalgos  
    Thanks once more Dasai. I wait for the english version smile or wwe 2.2 biggrin

    9 Fidalgos  
    I don't see on Iconsoft this upgrade in history smile maybe on a final release...

    8 Fidalgos  
    Thanks @Dasai once more for the update

    7 LeSScro  
    New RC... yeahh ! Good job again !

    6 LeSScro  
    Finally Eng version... thx !

    5 Fidalgos  
    Dasai, In all versions I have one problem... when I decline one call and chose send one of the included SMS... the reply sms go only to the Outbox messages and stay there... not send. You know any solution and help me with this problem?!

    Thanks in advance smile

    4 Fidalgos  
    Sorry... I want click on 5 stars rating but... my mouse click itself 1 star, eheheh sad

    3 Jose Carlos  
    Thanks Dasai, but now you put the ENG RC2... is true English or modified like you say?!

    1 Jose Carlos  
    Please @Dasai, have you one RC2 in English? or no version RC2 in this language and only in RUS?!

    2 Dasai  
    only RUS, but you may copy skin-file from previous version (RC1), difference only one (russian letters in dialer buttons)

    OK i'm added english version

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