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    VidaOne MySportTraining v.6.5.1
    14.01.2010, 03:33

    To feel better, have more energy and live longer, look no further than regular, old-fashioned, sweat-inducing exercise. By introducing a moderate amount of exercise into your daily life, you can significantly improve your overall health, well-being and quality of life.

    The health benefits of exercise can be achieved by virtually everyone, regardless of age, sex, race or physical ability. The merits of exercise - ranging from preventing chronic health conditions to boosting your confidence - are hard to ignore: regular physical activity helps extend life and improve its quality.

    VidaOne® MySportTraining® is the premier health & fitness software for Pocket PC designed to track and improve your health & fitness, and to motivate you to exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost of some sports equipment or gym membership.

    Track the information that matters to you
    Track the information that matters to you

    * For all workouts: duration, personal ratings, heart rate data, and notes.
    * For cardio workouts: route, distance, pace, ascent and intervals.
    * For strength workouts: location, warm-up, cool-down, exercises.
    * For your health: calorie/kJ intake, weight, body fat, mood, sleep, blood pressure, resting heart rate and body measurements.
    * New! Let MySportTraining track your sporting gear (running shoes, bicycles, heart rate monitors, etc.) to see when you need to service/replace them.

    Get motivated to exercise
    * It calculates the calories/kJ and fat you burn - get instant gratification after your hard work.
    * Use the month view to see all your workouts at-a-glance and appreciate your accomplishments.
    * Use the report view to list key information and rewarding summaries.
    * Use the chart view to see a variety of motivating charts to see your improvement over time.
    * Plan your workouts to eliminate any guesswork about your fitness program and find time for exercising despite your busy schedule, thanks to a seamless integration with Pocket Calendar.
    * See how much you’ve accomplished toward completing a long-term goal.

    A must for the gym
    * Choose from 30 workouts, 40 strength exercises, 20 cardio intervals or create your own.
    * Complete workout tracking: sets, reps, weight & units (including % of max) and rest (including supersets).
    * Use the colored muscle chart to find different exercises (including your own) for a muscle group and add variety to your workouts.
    * Up to 5 different sets per exercise - ideal for Body-For-LIFE® challengers!
    * Create your own exercises, and attach image (.jpg/.gif) and video (.wmv) files to them (video playback available on Windows Mobile 5 and newer).
    * Transfer workouts between two Pocket PCs via infrared, Bluetooth or files (ideal when using a second Pocket PC at the gym in addition to your main Pocket PC)
    * Use additional exercises series (sold separately) to get more motivating exercises:
    · Series 1: General Fitness to exercise various muscle groups.
    · Series 2: Plyometrics to develop explosive power.
    · Series 3: Ball Exercises to strengthen your core, improve your posture and prevent injuries.
    · Series 4: Flexibility to increase your flexibility and achieve a full range of motion.
    · Series 5: Abs and Back to increase your stability, improve your posture and help prevent low back pain.
    · Series 6: Legs and Buttocks to strengthen and tone your legs and buttocks.
    · Series 7: Arms and Shoulders to strengthen and tone your arms, chest and shoulders.

    Readily extensible
    * Synchronize your workouts with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows (sold separately)
    * Record your outdoor workouts with a GPS receiver right into your Pocket PC using VidaOne GPS (sold separately) and view your routes on Google Maps!
    * Download workouts from your Polar® heart rate monitor into your Pocket PC using VidaOne Polar (sold separately).
    * Integrated with MyPersonalDiet (sold separately) to make it easier than ever to track your health, diet and fitness.

    Feature-rich for health-conscious people, sport enthusiasts and athletes
    * Export data into CSV files, readable by Microsoft® Excel®.
    * Find out if you are on track toward a personal goal.
    * Filter out some activities to review specific workouts.
    * Search your notes for specific words.
    * Supports English and Metric units.
    * It calculates your training zones using popular methods or you can customize them.
    * It calculates your basal metabolic rate (BMR) using the Harris-Benedict formulae for better results.

    A friendly Windows Mobile application
    * Windows 5 and 6 (Classic and Professional) supported.
    * Works on portrait, landscape and square screens, and supports high-resolution screens too!
    * Purge, backup and restore capabilities.

    MySportTraining (Pocket PC) 6.5.1
    What's New in This Release:

    · Compatibility with MyPersonalDiet 5

    Requirements: WM5-6.5
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    MySportTraining v.6.5.1 Download file from depositfiles
    MySportTraining v.6.5.1 Download file from sharingmatrix
    MySportTraining v.6.5.1 Download file from uploading
    MySportTraining v.6.5.1 Download file from uploaded
    Available for users only

    The previous versions

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