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    Astraware Warfare Incorporated v.1.2
    30.11.2009, 15:03

    Full-on Single and Multiplayer RTS in the palm of your hand


    Warfare Incorporated is set in a future ruled by super corporations engaged in no-holds-barred competition for the resources of the galaxy.

    Centered around the newly discovered planet Icarus with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien relics, players take the role of a junior executive at the underdog ACME Exploration Corporation.

    As the discoverer of Icarus they must work their way up the corporate ladder by demonstrating their strategic and tactical skills in a campaign of increasingly challenging missions.

    Early missions concentrate on resource gathering and combat with ACME's chief rival OMNI Industries and as the game develops other factions and the power of the alien technologies come into play.

    * Endless gameplay
    * Top-notch user authored missions
    * Heart-pounding multiplayer support
    * Join with up to 4 players over WiFi or Bluetooth on 21 multiplayer battlefields
    * Cross platform multiplayer supported...and encouraged!
    * 14 single player missions
    * 6 bonus missions
    * Mission Editor for creating new single and multiplayer missions
    * Dozens of free user-contributed missions available online
    * 2 alien landscapes
    * 11 military units
    * 11 building types
    * 4 channel digitized sound effects
    * Stunning graphics

    Requirements: WM2003-6.1, QVGA, VGA
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    Warfare Incorporated v.1.2 Download file from depositfiles
    Warfare Incorporated v.1.2 Download file from sharingmatrix
    Warfare Incorporated v.1.2 Download file from uploaded

    Available for users only

    The previous versions

    Category: Strategy | Added by: Dasai
    Views: 1530 | Downloads: 0
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