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    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 beta
    24.03.2010, 19:56

    Diablo is a dark fantasy-themed action role-playing game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on November 30, 1996.

    From Wikipedia (for anyone who has been living under a massive rock and has somehow never heard of Diablo)
    Diablo is a dark fantasy-themed action role-playing game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on November 30, 1996.
    Set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras (located in the Diablo series fantasy world of Sanctuary), Diablo has the player take control of a lone hero as he or she battles to rid the world of the eponymous Lord of Terror. Beneath the town of Tristram, the player journeys through sixteen dungeon levels to ultimately come face to face with Diablo and his demon minions.

    This release is an initial Beta test release. I know there are probably some issues, and I definitely know there is some content missing. It's really just for you guys to see how it's going.

    All you need to do is copy the folder in the zip file onto your ppc (anywhere you like), then copy the diabloui.dll file from the Diablo CD into the 'Diablo' folder.
    This is just to make sure you actually own a copy of Diablo. If you don't, why the hell not?

    You might get an error, saying you need a newer version of the .net framework to version 2.

    If you get any errors, please report them on my forum so I can deal with them.
    But please read the list of errors that I have already posted first, so you know if they are already being dealt with!



    The game is mostly stylus controlled. Click on a monster to attack, click on a blank square to move there, etc.

    If you press the button in the middle of your keypad (or the enter key) will toggle you between attack only mode and move/attack mode. In attack mode, you will not move, you will just swing / shoot in whatever direction you click.

    Clicking on the inv / char buttons will open the inv / char screens (duh). Clicking on the inv / char buttons again will close the screens.

    When the menu screen is up (save / load / quit) clicking outside the menu section (basically anywhere except one of the options) will close the screen.

    You can only move potions into your quick item slots when in the inv screen. Clicking on the quick slots while in game will use the potion.

    I have coded this to run under 640 x 480 as well as 320 x 240, but I haven't been able to test 640 x 480. It should work, but I'm sure there will be problems. If you let me know what they are (with as much description as possible please) then I'll try and fix them.

    Understanding the config.txt

    There are several options in the config.txt that will help improve your diablo performance. I've tried to explain them here so you know exactly what you're fiddling with. I have got a brief explanation of each in the config.txt, but this is a more in depth explanation (especially of clock tick rate)

    (1; '# 1 - Sound on, 0 - Sound off 0;)
    Um ... self explanatory, really

    ('# 1 - Music on, 0 - Music off)
    Given that music is currently not implemented, this doesn't really do much. best just to leave it off. I've got it in the config.txt for when I finally DO get around to implementing music (because we all want to hear the guitar riff in Tristram, admit it!)

    (1; '# 1 - 320 * 240, 2 - 640 * 480)
    Resolution setting. 1 is for 320 x 240 (QVGA) and 2 is for 640 x 480 (VGA)

    (15; '# clock tick rate.)
    This is the how long the game will wait before running through the main code loop (in milliseconds)
    The lower the value you put here, the more load you put on your ppc, but IF YOUR PPC CAN HANDLE IT, you will get closer to Diablo PC speeds.
    The higher the number gets, the less strain there is on your PPC (which will make it run faster on slower PPCs) but the swing speeds will vary slightly from Diablo PC.

    A warrior with an axe should do a full swing in 500 ms.
    There are 20 frames in a warrior swing, so that makes 25ms per swing

    if the Timer Tick is set to 5, you would go through the main loop 5 times before you actually change frames, but you would change at exactly 25ms.
    if the timer tick was set to 10, you would go through the main loop 3 times before you change frames, reducing the CPU load (from 5 times to 3 times ) but you would change at 30ms not 25.
    if the Timer Tick was set to 15, you would go through the main loop twice before you change frames, further reducing the CPU load but again you would swing at 30ms not 25.

    I would recommend setting the timer tick to 15, as it runs the fastest for me, but I know some of you might have far more powerful PPCs than me, and you might want to crank up the speed if you can, so I'm giving you the option. You don't have to use it, but it's there.

    (2; '# 1 - use every animation frame, 2 - use every second animaion frame)
    For use on slower PPCs. This only loads every second frame, decreasing load times and increasing speed (using half the frames in a single swing, so the swing times are faster). You can really notice the difference when there are a lot of monsters on the screen!
    The down side it that because there are half the animation frames, the animations are chunkier. But that's the trade off, I guess ...

    (1; '# 1 - continuous walk (if you his screen boundary, you keep walking), 0 - no continuous walk)
    Again, should be pretty self explanatory. With continuous walk off, you stop where you click. With it on, you keep walking when you hit the edge of the screen without having to repeatedly click on a new destination.

    To Do list
    * quests
    * shrines
    * unique monsters
    * blocking
    * hit recovery
    * Magic (finish spells)
    * class skills
    * traps
    * Multiple Character Save slots
    * add checks for max stats when increasing stats
    * specific weapon damage vs certain monster types
    * fix missing unique images from hellfile
    * Fix missing potions in baseit.dia
    * add Hellfire spells
    * Proper Ranged Item speeds (at the moment just kinda fudged the speeds)
    * reduce durability
    * can't equip 0 durability items
    * display durability icons
    * Fallen ones run away when monster killed
    * add monster resistance
    * fix warrior bow not working

    version v.0.6.2
    * Buying and selling noises are on the list (I think - will check)
    * Auto load into belt is a good idea.
    * And I will look into the disappearing items

    Requirements: WM5-6 QVGA, VGA
    Download Instructions: full version v.0.6.2
    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 ZIP Download file from depositfiles
    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 ZIP Download file from sharingmatrix
    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 ZIP Download file from uploaded
    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 ZIP Download file from uploading
    Pocket Diablo v.0.6.2 ZIP Download file from rapidshare

    diabloui.dll Download file

    The previous versions

    Category: RPG/Quest | Added by: Dasai
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