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    Eternal Throne v.1.11m
    12.12.2009, 00:59

    WOW what can i say about this awesome Pocket pc game. This is without doubt is graphic brilliance, awesome music, awesome sound effects, and sush a fantastic story to the epic adventure!

    Description :
    A mobile fantasy adventure game with terrific 3D graphics!
    Featuring immersive 3D graphics, stunning character design and great many challenges throughout seven distinct game chapters, this mythical themed adventure game will bring you to a whole new world of mobile gaming experience.

    Since the beginning of time in the world of Elysia, the Gods of Light and Shadow have waged a war known as the War of Eternal Succession. Every one hundred years the Gods of Light and Darkness choose a single female champion who must search for seven holy artifacts known as the Queens Raiment. The champion who finds the artifacts first is crowned Queen of Elysia and rules in favor of her Gods.
    If the Champion of Light prevails, then Elysia is granted 100 years of peace, prosperity and bounty.

    Should the Champion of Shadow triumph, Elysia is plunged into 100 years of darkness and destruction and creatures of shadow run unchecked throughout the land causing fear, havoc and terror at the whim of their dark ruler.
    Once again the Gods have called upon their champions to contest for rulership of Elysia. Our story begins as the Champion of Light begins her perilous quest, facing a land held in the grip of darkness for 200 years.

    * The most advanced 3D graphics for mobile games
    * Real-time first-person 3D view
    * Superb character design
    * Magnificent game level design
    * Extraordinary music and sound effect
    * Fun and challenging gameplay

    Requirements: WM 5-6.1, VGA, QVGA, SQUARE
    Download Instructions: no serial needed
    Eternal Throne v.1.11m Download file from depositfiles
    Eternal Throne v.1.11m Download file from uploaded
    Eternal Throne v.1.11m Download file from sharingmatrix
    Eternal Throne v.1.11m Download file from rapidshare

    Available for users only

    The previous versions

    Category: RPG/Quest | Added by: Dasai
    Views: 1163 | Downloads: 0
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